About Me


Caitlin allday, rdn

Hello! My name is Caitlin Allday and I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist living in Dallas, TX. Being an RDN means that I have a formal education in dietetics and nutrition (from NYU) and that I have completed over 1,200 hrs of supervised practice in clinical and community settings (through TAMU).

My background includes an MA in Classical Studies, focusing on Roman archaeology (from Columbia University). During my time in classical archaeology I studied Roman ceramic food vessels, which means that I also focused on how the Roman's prepared and consumed food and drink. Basically, I was looking at how dietary/nutrition patterns changed over time within the context of the political environment and how those changes were reflected in the ceramic vessels used to consume food and drink.


My clients

My clients are:

  • Women in all phases of the Motherhood Transition:

    • Women who are preparing to get pregnant

    • Women who are pregnant (including gestational diabetes, morning sickness/food aversions, acid reflux, etc.)

    • Postpartum women

    • Breastfeeding women (including those who have questions about diet, milk supply, etc.)

    • Parents who want guidance beginning foods with their babies

  • People looking for overall health (this may include weight loss)

  • CrossFit athletes of all types from the occasional WOD’er to a 2017- 2018 CrossFit Games Athlete)

My clients are all over the world! They are stay at home moms and CEOs. I work with people over text and video chat, which means that we can “meet” whenever and wherever is convenient for you. If you are in the Dallas area however, I’d love to work with you in person too!

With my clients, I utilize a nutrition framework based on the principles of evolutionary biology, which is why I call it Evolutionary Nutrition. There is a lot of nuance to nutrition, but the basics are generally pretty easy to understand, the trick is implementation. That’s why I combine education with practical application. I want to help you learn not only why and what to eat but how.